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  • Laguna Colorada Cleansing Tonic

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The core of Apothik Nature, our products utilize the powerful properties abundant in nature. From Earth-to-Skin, we are GEO-ELEMENTAL™

What it means

Geo-Elemental means you are getting only 100% pure, responsibly sourced, toxin-free ingredients.

1) geo  /dʒ-i-oʊ/


  • : of or relating to the earth

2) elemental  /e-lə-ˈmen-təl/


  • : basic, important, fundamental, rudimentary
  • : having the power of a force of nature
  • : of, relating to, or being the essential constituent of something 

We Vow to NEVER EVER USE any Blacklisted Item 

✕ synthetic chemicals
✕ parabens
✕ phthalates
✕ sulfates
✕ artificial fragrances
✕ MEA, DEA, or TEA
✕ petrochemicals
✕ silicone
✕ PEG compounds 

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