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Top 5 Reasons we LOVE & USE Bentonite Clay

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The usage of clay goes back thousands of years and has ranged from constructing homes, to making pottery, and cooking food, as well as detoxifying, cleansing, and healing the body. 

At Apothik Nature our research and development has focused on multiple different clays.  Currently we use 3 different clays: Bentonite, French Green, and White Kaolin in our products, and look forward to introducing more in the future.  The numerous naturally occurring benefits of these clays have made them essential components to our highly effective, geo-elemental skin care and wellness products, including our Milo Micro Grains - Daily Geo-Elemental Cleanser.

To prevent an overload of information, this post will solely focus on Bentonite Clay, sourced from Fort Benton, WY.  The specific bentonite we use, is mined from volcanic ash.  It is considered a sodium bentonite, due to it's ability to absorb large amounts of moisture, swell, and prevent water loss.

Some of you may be asking why in the world would I want to use clay (AKA: Dirt) to clean my face?  This is a completely reasonable question and we hope this list will convince you as to why bentonite clay is so amazing and why we wouldn't go without this key ingredient.    

So without delay, here are the top 5 reasons we use bentonite clay as a main ingredient in our Milo Micro Grains - Daily Geo-Elemental Cleanser:

1. Pulls Oils & Toxins from the Skin

2. Naturally Antibacterial & Antiviral

3. Calms Skin Inflammation and Irritations

4. Increases Circulation and Speeds Up Healing

5. Reduce Redness and Swelling 

We do not want you leaving this blog thinking that Bentonite Clay is only beneficial in skin care, as it's benefits extend well beyond skin care and face masks. There is a long documented history in the usage of Bentonite Clay and whole body wellness.  It's usage has proven effective for numerous different ailments through multiple different applications of use. Check out the list below and try one of our top 3 non-skin care uses and see for yourself just how awesome this "dirt" really is!


1. Mix into your bath as a whole body detox.

2.  Use as a toothpaste with coconut oil to detoxify the mouth and gums

3. Mix into a paste and use as an external poultice for bug bites, scrapes and irritations. 




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