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Hydro-Mist: Find out what your skin is thirsty for!

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There is a new way to cleanse, hydrate, purify, and stimulate your face all at the same time and it is quickly becoming a go-to product for healthy, glowing skin. A pure steam distillate hydro-mist can spray all that goodness onto your face with just a few pumps.   

Hydrosols are a solution of pure water combined with therapeutic plant elements and microscopic remnants of the essential oils that are released from the plants during the steam distillation process. These components allow the hydrosol to not only have amazing aromatherapy properties but also outstanding hydrating and therapeutic properties as well.

An Apothik Nature Prismatic Absolute Hydro-Mist is a custom blend of pure herbal and floral hydrosols (also known as steam distillates, floral waters, or hydrolats). Pure hydrosols are a natural product produced through the steam distillation process of plants.  They should never be manufactured artificially or with the use of alcohol or synthetics.  They are also never water with essential oils added to it.

When it comes to your skin, hair, and body, hydrosols have a multitude of benefits. Apothik Nature offers two Hydro-Mists; each with amazing benefits. The Prismatic Absolute III Purifying Facial Hydro-Mist uses rosemary and lemon verbena to purify and stimulate skin, while the Prismatic Absolute IV Nourishing Facial Hydro-Mist combines balancing rose and chamomile to re-center emotions and stimulate your inner aphrodisiac. 

It is easy to incorporate a hydro-mist into your daily use. For skin care, after you have cleansed and/or applied your tonic, simply mist the Prismatic Absolute Hydro-Mist of your choice multiple times over your entire face (you want to ensure you have full coverage) and simply gently press the hydrosol into your skin with your hands.  This helps to ensure that the product is penetrating the skin and quenching your skins thirst!  It can additionally be used to set make-up and to hydrate skin anytime throughout the day.

Need some mental stimulation or relaxation?  Mist your preferred hydro-mist on your pillow, in your car or bedroom, or wherever you are spending your time.   Take a few deep breathes and enjoy the benefits of the natural aromatherapy!

How do you use your hydro-mist? 


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