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Psoriasis and Eczema: Please help stop this itching!!!

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Itchy skin is never enjoyable and can have multiple different causes.  Maybe you were out in the field enjoying nature and the bugs got the best of you. Or possibly it is your eczema or psoriasis that has flared up.  Whatever the cause may be, we are here to help you!

If you or a loved one are struggling with effective relief from Psoriasis and Eczema flare ups, then this post is for you.  These two common skin challenges unfortunately affect millions of people on a daily basis.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that is known to cause the body to overproduce new of skin cells when the body does not have the ability to eliminate the dead skin cells fast enough to keep up.  When this happens the dead skin cells start to build up and cause the white scale like appearance on the surface of the skin.  This build up can cause mild to severe irritation, inflammation and pain.  

Eczema is a condition where the body reacts with a higher level of sensitivity to things such as food, irritants, dyes, soaps, chemicals, or environmental allergens. This reaction can affect the skin and can cause it to become overly inflamed, irritated, dry, cracked, red, or peel. Unfortunately these symptoms cause the affected to person some level of discomfort.  

Utilizing the natural therapeutic properties provided to us through nature, Apothik Nature has developed a variety of different products that can help with these challenges.  Our goal is to educate our clients about various options in which they are able to relieve discomfort, while improving the overall health of the skin.  We will never make a product that could compromise a persons health and wellness through unnecessary harmful ingredients.

Here are two ways to tackle these afflictions: 

Combo 1Curio Concoction Infused Herbal Body Oil and Kalahari Recovery Butter

Use the back of your finger nail (clean fingers only please) to scrape out a dime to quarter size amount of Kalahari Recovery Butter into the palm of your hand.  Then add 1-3 pumps of the Curio Concoction Infused Herbal Body Oil to it.  Mix the butter and oil together and apply to affect area.  *Please adjust amounts accordingly depending of size of area being treated.

Rose, Lavender, Calendula and Chamomile are all house infused into organic safflower and organic olive oils to make up the Curio Concoction Infused Oil.  This oil is absorbed into the skin quickly and therefore allows the therapeutic properties of the herbs to go to work below the surface of the skin.  Kalahari Recovery Butter is made up of shea butter, kokum butter, calendula and comfrey infused organic oils, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, and non gmo-vegetable glycerin - all ingredients that help promote healthy skin cells. The formulation of these exquisite ingredients allow our Kalahari Recovery Butter to provide long lasting moisturizing, skin protection, and assist the skin through the healing process. Kokum butter, the second ingredient in our Kalahari Recovery Butter, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that make it ideal for helping the body to heal damaged skin.  If you are suffering from an extreme flare up with excessive dry patches, flakes, or chapped skin, we suggest using a larger portion of the kalahari recovery butter to start and then reduce the portion size as the area improves.  

Combo 2Ma'In All Purpose Oil and Kalahari Recovery Butter

This application is the same as combo #1, we are just exchanging out the Curio Concoction Infused Oil for the Ma'In All Purpose Oil.  Use the back of your finger nail (clean fingers only) to scape out a dime to quarter size amount of Kalahari Recovery Butter into the palm of your hand.  Add 1-3 pumps of the Ma'In All Purpose Oil.  *Please adjust amounts accordingly depending of size of area being treated.

The oil will penetrate and be absorbed quickly into the skin while the butter continues to provide the long term moisture and skin protective properties. Ma'In All Purpose Oil is an exquisite combination of the potent oils of argan, carrot seed, kukui nut, boabab, camilla seed, and jojoba. Carrot Seed is a rare and exceptional oil known for its ability to nourish and rejuvenate skin, reduce scarring, sooth irritations & burns and heal dry & cracked skin.  Argan oil helps to nourish, protect, moisturize and heal the skin.

If you are dealing with Psoriasis or Eczema and suffering from any of the skin challenges listed above, please try these great options as they have been proven to help time and again.

Both of these combinations are outstanding, so give them a try and let us know has worked best for you or your loved one.  

We are hopeful that as you read through this posts and others, you are gaining an understanding as to why we choose the ingredients we do.  Not only are these ingredients highly beneficial in dealing with a multitude of skin conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema, they are also extremely helpful in maintaining healthy skin.


NOTE: If you are dealing with bug bites, stings or isolated irritations that are not related to Eczema and Psoriasis please see our post on Safe, Effective, Immediate Relief from Bug Bits and Stings.

We would love to hear about your stories, new combinations you've created, or products you have used successfully for other purposes.

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  • Sara W.: October 31, 2016

    I use the Ma’In Oil and Kalahari Recovery Butter for my son’s eczema flare-ups and this combination works better than any product we have tried! I love the fact that these products relieve the itchy eczema with all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals!

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