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Porsche Tractor

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In 1931 the former chief engineer at Mercedes-Benz, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, started design on the “people tractor” right along with the design work of the “people car". Eventually, both designs materialized into historical products that are still enjoyed by thousands of people 60 years later.

This very early and unbelievable unique design from day one (1934) already included a hydraulic coupling between engine and transmission. This was a distinctive design criteria and requirement of all Porsche-Diesel engines used in tractors until the last model produced.

Dr. Porsche produced three prototype tractors in 1934, all equipped with gasoline engines. The Porsche diesel engine design with its unique air-cooled feature was just not quite ready for production at that time. Through numerous tests this design let to a fully developed air-cooled diesel engine with a power range from 14 hp to 55 hp. By the early 1950’s Porsche had designed 4 basic models, 1 cyl., 2 cyl., 3 cyl., and 4 cyl. versions, all have individual and interchangeable cylinders and heads.

  • 1934 Initial design stage and production of 3 test vehicles with gasoline engine
  • 1937 Official order by the German government to develop the “Volks-Tractor”
  • 1950 Allgaier starts production of the famous AP17 aluminum tractor with the Porsche designed 2-cylinder, air-cooled, diesel engine developing 18 hp.
  • 1951 Death of Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche
  • 1963 Last Porche Tractor produced. 

Image above was taken on a Rose farm outside Hamburg, Germany in July 2016. 

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