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Emblem. Token. Sign. Representation. Idea. Figurative. Literal. Image. 

Loosely, symbols are objects representing another to give them an entirely different meaning; one that is much deeper and more significant.   

The petroglyphs above can be found at Zion National Park. Though hard to determine exact age, these symbols carved into the Red Rock of Zion could be as old as 7000 years. Ancestral Puebloans and relatives of the Southern Paiute Tribes pecked, scratched or carved symbols of animals, people, food perhaps to communicate with future generations, friendly tribes, enemies, or signifying an important event occurring within their community.  It is in this simple and effective vein that we created and utilize our own symbols to communicate with our community of people.  At Apothik Nature, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and customer education.  

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