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These clean living, nature loving, active people are the embodiment of Apothik Nature.
We love them. You will too.

Beth Bouchard

Outdoor Guide / Canyon Explorer

Meet Beth, our official Ambassador of all things "Wild and Free". This 23-year old known for her signature long locks and a playful smile makes her living as an outdoor guide for one of the top adventure companies in the United States. Beth currently guides for Active Outdoor Adventures (an Outside Magazine top place to work) specializing in the Southwest, making the Colorado Plateau and all of its canyons, rivers, and buttes her daily office. Although over half her year spent in the field, Beth still cherishes her time at home in Arizona with her family. In the offseason, you can find Beth jumping cliffs, chasing sunsets, creating flower crowns and napping in her beloved hammock. Beth personifies the founding principles of Apothik Nature’s belief in the healing powers of nature. She continues to be a rising star in the outdoor community and an inspirational social media influencer.

Follow Beth's adventures on Instagram: bethbouchard

Beth's Top Product Picks:

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Tara Daubert

Hydro Advocate/ River Guide

The Colorado River Basin is a critical component of the North American water system and no one knows it better than Tara Daubert,  our Natural Resource Ambassador. As an adventure consultant and trusted river guide specializing in the American southwest, Tara has educated countless  individuals on the importance of water conservation and public policy. 
Geology and hydrology programs at Arizona State University brought Tara out west where she has made her home for more than a decade.  The red waters of the Colorado River called to action her advocacy for it's protection and conservation through policy and public awareness.   
As an Apothik Ambassador, Tara advocates for clean, sustainable management of our limited water resources and supports responsible sourcing of all natural elements.  Tara enjoys all things outdoors and considers the adventures of the southwest her true calling in life. 
See what Tara's posting: taradanielle1313


Lindsay Kay Kordick

Registered Dietitian / ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist


Lindsay just might be one of the healthiest people we know, which is why we named her our Health and Wellness Ambassador. She is a registered dietitian, a ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, and has a Masters Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. Basically, Lindsay is a wealth of knowledge on all things healthy and has the education to prove it. Working with patients as an outpatient clinical dietitian, developing nutritional programs for the Bozeman Health Nutrition and Diabetes Center, and also being a personal trainer and group fitness class instructor at Fuel Fitness in Bozeman, MT. are just a few of the ways Lindsay likes to earn a living.

When it comes to a healthy life and whole body wellness, Lindsay is your go-to girl! She procures the Eat 80 20 Blog, dedicated to helping inspire others to enjoy incredibly delicious meals with real, whole food ingredients. A persons overall health is drastically impacted by what they put into their body, onto their body, and how they take care of their body. There is no hiding the fact, that Lindsay and Apothik Nature have a mutual appreciation for whole body wellness!

She and her husband Kevin live with their daughter, Vonn, and son, Fox, and two Boston Terriers, Jesse and Friday. Living in Bozeman gives her access to hundreds of fantastic running and hiking trails and two world class ski resorts within one hour of their house. When Lindsay is not working and inspiring healthy food choices, she loves being active with family and friends. Her favorite activities include running, hiking, fly-fishing, Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, and weight lifting.

Check out what Lindsay's cooking on her website:,

Instagram: eateightytwenty, and Facebook: Eat8020

Lindsay's Top Product Picks:

Milo Micro Grains  /  OR+Apothik Nature Dry Bags

Ryan Farrell

Snowboarder / Mountain Biker

Meet our Lifestyle Ambassador, Ryan. His determination to create a life surrounded by and connected to nature is as equally inspirational as it is awesome! After years living on the east coast, Ryan followed his heart to Colorado, a place he calls his forever home. He spends over 100 days a year snowboarding - for those unfamiliar that is a lot for an amateur athlete. During the off season, Ryan trades out his Burton board for his Mountain Bike, riding on average 50 miles per week. Protecting the earth's finite resources became a passion of Ryan's during his time at University of Delaware, where he pursued a degree in Natural Resource Management. Ryan's dedication to responsible resourcing and clean living epitomizes Apothik Nature's promise to make 100% Geo-Elemental products. Ryan and his wife Stephanie can be found traveling the world, most recently exploring Spain, Iceland, and the British Virgin Islands.

See what Ryan is up to on instagram: ryanfarrell970

Ryan's Top Product Picks:

Milo Micro Grains  /  Ma'in All Purpose Oil  /  Sanctuary Healing Salve

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