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How do I know which products I should use?

Short Answer….It Depends!!! Many factors including, age, gender, skin challenges, and environment really determine what products your skin needs.  We believe that everyone has a unique skin code that can narrow down what products your skin care routine should include.

What are Infused Oils and do you really make it in-house?

An infused oil is where we combine herbs and plants with pure seed, fruit, or nut oils.  We use the slow infusion method where the infusions sit undisturbed for 2-5 weeks, depending on the combination that is being infused.  The oil is then triple strained resulting in a ready-to-use Apothik Nature signature ingredient. This process allows the properties of the herbs and plants to combine with the properties of the oils, to create some of the most healing and nutritional oils available today.  These infusions are a signature of many of our geo-elemental products at Apothik Nature. This process is so important to us, we have a designated Oil Infusion Curator who oversees the entire process from sourcing herbs and oils, to infusion R&D, to allocating finished infusions for production. Currently we have over a dozen signature infusions we are working with.

My Skin is Freaking Out - What should I do?

Contact us! We are happy to offer free consultations over the phone and/or email to get you the products to put out the five alarm fire on your face. or call 602-714-7477.

My Butter Melted! Is it ruined?

We are so very sorry your product melted! We consciously chose to avoid chemical preservatives, alcohols, and large amounts of wax in all of our butter products, which means they can melt when exposed to heat higher than normal body temperature. No damage is done to our products when states change from solid to liquid, and back again. Once solid again, the butter may feel a bit more grainy but it will still perform just the same! To ensure that all the ingredients are blended, we recommend you stir/gently whisk the melted contents, then place the jar in the refrigerator for a few hours (or overnight if it got really hot). Product will return to a firm consistency and perform just like before.

Are Apothik Nature Geo-Elemental Products safe to use during pregnancy?

All of our products are free from harmful ingredients. As a precaution please note that we use essential oils and herbs in some of our products. As a recommendation we do not reccomend using our Kalahari Rescue Recovery Butter as it contains carrot seed essential oil. Although the percent used in our product is less than 1%,  Carrot Seed Essential Oil at very high dosages was shown to have contraceptive effects in rats when tested (Tisserand/Young 2014 pg. 233).  Please read the ingredients closely to ensure there is not an ingredient you are sensitive or allergic to - as sensitivity can be heightened during pregnancy.

Are Apothik Nature Geo-Elemental Products safe to use on children?

The majority of Apothik Nature’s wellness and skincare products are intended for the use by people of all ages. To ensure the safety of your children please read our product descriptions for any product you are interested in for your child. Generally, products containing essential oils not deemed safe for children under 10, should be avoided. For additional information, please consult your primary care physician.

How long do your products last with daily use?

This definitely depends on the specific product and personal useage.  On average our products usually last about 60-90 days with daily use. Products that are used on occasion or on an as needed basis, will definitely last longer depending on amount used at each application.

What is the average shelf life of your products?

The life of any product really depends on the product itself.  As a rule of thumb, we follow the following Period After Opening recommendations:


12 months


6 months


12 months


3-6 months


3-6 months

Please refer to the  “Period After Opening” symbol listed on your product and further ingredient information found at

We strongly recommend using your product within 3 months of opening for optimal results. Once opened, the ingredients are exposed to air and will oxidize faster.

Think of these products as you would fresh food, neither have a long shelf life and for good reason. Start using it as soon as you receive it so you can benefit from the highest amount of nutritional and healing properties. The fresher the better!


We do not currently carry any products with SPF, though we are big fans of protecting your skin from over exposure to the sun!  Apothik Nature products work well in conjunction with natural sun blocks.

Where do you source your ingredients?

Please see all of our detailed ingredient information.

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