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Our promise is that all Apothik Nature products are 100% geo-elemental. This means they are composed of ingredients of this earth with minimal processing. All of our suppliers have been thoroughly researched and they must meet our strict guidelines for transparency. Suppliers are required to provide full ingredient disclosure, including but not limited to: country of origin, harvesting method, extraction process, and a Certificate of Analysis.

Though organic certifications and natural designations try to assist consumers in making educated purchases, we hold ourselves to a standard beyond common nomenclature. In some cases, becoming certified organic is an arduous, costly process not feasible for small, environmentally friendly growers. Additionally, there are some parts of the world where farming is not tainted by chemicals, thus warranting organic designation unnecessary. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure complete transparency at all points on the supply chain, and whenever possible purchase directly from local growers. We strive to use as many organic and wild harvested ingredients possible. We will always provide full transparency on all of our ingredients.

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Cocoa Butter ➝
Cupucau Butter ➝
Illipe Butter ➝
Kokum Butter ➝
Shea Butter ➝


Almond Oil ➝
Argan Oil ➝
Baobab Oil ➝
Camellia Seed Oil ➝
Carrot Seed Oil ➝
Coconut Oil ➝
Jojoba Oil - Golden ➝
Kukui Nut Oil ➝
Neem Seed Oil ➝
Olive OIl - Extra Virgin ➝
Rosehip Seed Oil ➝
Safflower Seed Oil ➝
Tamanu Oil ➝


Bentonite Clay ➝
Kaolin Clay - White ➝


Arnica ➝
Calendula ➝
Chamomile ➝
Comfrey Leaf ➝
Green Tea Leaves ➝
Lavender Buds ➝
Plantain Leaf ➝
Rose Petals ➝
Rosemary Leaf ➝
Sage Leaf ➝
White Tea Leaves ➝


Blood Orange Hydrosol ➝
Chamomile Roman Hydrosol ➝
Geranium Hydrosol ➝
Lavandin Hydrosol ➝
Lemon Verbena Hydrosol ➝
Orange Flower Bitter Hydrosol ➝
Rose Hydrosol ➝
Rosemary Hydrosol ➝
Witch Hazel Hydrosol ➝
Ylang Ylang Hydrosol ➝

Essential Oils

Basil Sweet EO ➝
Carrot Seed EO ➝
Chamomile German EO ➝
Chamomile Roman EO ➝
Frankinsence EO ➝
Geranium EO ➝
Lavender EO ➝
Lemon EO ➝
Lemon Grass EO ➝
Orange Sweet EO ➝
Patchouli EO ➝
Peppermint EO ➝
Rose EO ➝
Tea Tree EO ➝
Thyme Red EO ➝
Ylang Ylang Extra EO ➝

Wax & Glycerines

Beeswax - Organic ➝
Vegetable Glycerin - Non GMO ➝

Natural Stabilizers

Vitamin E ➝
Elderberry Extract ➝
Leuconostoc Radish Root Ferment Filtrate ➝
Rosemary Extract ➝


Apple Cider Vinegar EO ➝
L-Ascorbic Acid ➝
Almond Flour ➝
Rolled Oat ➝
Coconut Flour EO ➝

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